We have seen in the previous simple is better to issue regarding profit and loss account in Issue-8, balance sheet in Issue-9, Relationship between balance sheet and profit & loss account in Issue-10, and Cash flow statement in issue-11. Analysis of balance sheet is essential for a better understanding of the financial strength of the company. Balance sheet majorly focuses on the sources from where we have brought the fund and at where we have deployed that fund.

Equity and liability side shows us a source of funds and assets side show us an application of the funds which we have brought.

We have to check in detail that does fund get proper utilization which company has to bring or not. For proper understanding, we need to prepare and analysis fund flow statement. Using fund flow analysis, we can come to that fund is effectively utilized by the management or not. This analysis also helps us to know where the fund is going and from where the fund is coming to the business. Does fund utilize to the wrong places or does fund brings from the sources which can be not favorable for the owners of the company?

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