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My name is Jimit Zaveri and I am a Research Analyst and an Investor; identifying companies for an investment purpose. This blog mentions my journey of how I became what I am today (who didn’t even know anything about the “STOCK MARKET”).

My actual journey of stock market started during the global crisis that took place in 2008. In those days, every newspaper had headlines of SENSEX (I generally don’t read newspapers but the everyday topic divulged me into reading about it and that’s where my career started).


I started taking more interest after the fall of 2008 as I wanted to make money (and who doesn’t want to!). So, while I was studying over it; I saw that the market has started catching pace towards growth. And that made me more enthusiastic as I could buy at lower prices and sell at higher prices. Hence, I started more interest in it and that created queries in me. But Mr. Divyakant Pandya (my senior at college) helped me to clear all the queries that I had. And then I met Dr. Hurmaz Patel (my college professor) who used to trade in stocks by studying on them. And this is where I started to learn the concept of research on the companies before investing.

Later, I got an opportunity to meet Mr. Aditya Srinivas (Chief Operating Officer (COO) at BSE Sensex), and he explained that there are various parameters related to research that we need to analyze while selecting a company such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, macro factors, etc. And while learning all these concepts, my interest grew to such an extent that I planned to build my career in it. I started analyses of charts and buy-sell in Dalal street game.

With this learning, I joined an MBA college where I met Dr. Prashant Joshi, whose support has shaped my career towards the stock market.

While pursuing MBA, Mr. Sahil. Sahilbhai had inspired me to write my analysis and post it on the blog. Pankesh Uncle, Dilipbhai, Abhishekbhai & Sahilbhai helped me to find a job and finally, I was appointed as a fundamental research executive at Jainam Wealth.

Initially, I had to face many problems due to lack of practical knowledge about the aspects of fundamental analysis. In that phase, I learned told me about Neeraj Sir (My real GURU) regarding the selection of stocks, the way he looked after his business, etc and about his blogs under the name Thoughts on thoughts. While going through them; I also read about the blogs of Mr. Vishal Khandelwal named Safal Niveshak and of Prof. Sanjay Bakshi Sir named Fundoo Professor that help me to develop slowly my interest in fundamental analysis. Meanwhile, I came across Mr. Warren Buffett’s articles which attracted me towards investment.

My interest shot up when I first time met Neeraj Sir and attended one of his seminars and this was the turning point of my life where I decided to build the career as a fundamental analyst and investor. And from that day, I didn’t fall under any dilemma and I started gathering information to enhance my knowledge. I learn many things from Neeraj sir. I am mentioning few of my learning from Neeraj Sir over here – Down to earth, Keep things simple, accepting mistakes in public, be your own, Supportive, don’t waste your energy in unnecessary things, no alternative of hard work, kill your your own thoughts, Clarity of task, Having a process.

Amitbhai Pandey & Swapnilbhai Modi have helped me to become a better investor by rectifying my mistakes and enhancing my knowledge as they themselves are avid readers and good investors. Whenever I got stuck in the dilemma; they guided me through it and that gave directions to new learning.

Videos, audios, and articles of Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins, Mr. Divyakant Pandya have been a great help to me throughout my learning process and is still helping me.

Some of the other personalities who have contributed to my journey and have inspired to do well —

  1. Warren Buffett
  2. Charlie Munger
  3. Howard Marks (American investor Oaktree capital and writer of the book The Most Important Thing Illuminated)
  4. Mr. Benjamin Graham (The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis)
  5. Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal (JMD, Motilal Oswal) – Wealth creation studies
  6. Mr.Kuntal Shah
  7. Mr. S. Naren (Chief Investment Officer at ICICI Prudential AMC)
  8. Mr. Rajeev Thakkar (Chief Investment Officer at PPFAS AMC)
  9. Mr. Raunak Onkar (Head-Research at PPFAS AMC)
  10. Mr. Dan Ariely
  11. Mr. Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Inspired me for blog name – Lucky Idiot)
  12. Dr. Vijay Malik
  13. Mr.Durgesh Shah
  14. Mr.Parag Parikh (Founder of PPFAS AMC)

Last but not least, I would like to thank my parents for being my backbone and supporting me for whatever decision I took (be it education or career). My parents have always allowed me to take my own decisions of life and they’ve always had trust in my decisions.

I am grateful to Meihol Uncle for supporting me and I learn many things from him.

I am really grateful to all those have directly or indirectly contributed to my journey and has supported me. I sincerely apologize if I have missed mentioning about any person who has added value to my journey. It’s only because of all the above-mentioned personalities that I am today what I am.

Keep investing and keep blessing me.

My mission through this blog – “Lucky Idiot” is to educate novice investors and to distribute learning to more and more people in a simple manner. 

Lucky Idiot is the place where small investors are welcomed to learn concepts of investing in a simple manner and help them gain knowledge & become an independent investor.

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  1. Hi Jimit, Please let me know HOW to identify the TRUE INTRINSIC Value of a share ?? It will be helpful if its a step by step process.

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