When we talk about the mindset of rich and poor people then both have a very reverse mindset. Rich people work for learning and poor work for security. These mindsets help to the rich for becoming richer. And poor to poorer. When we spend time for learning, the time we start creating our fortune.

We all focus on getting specialized knowledge to get promoted at the job. But rich dad suggests learning many in the basic. We should focus on every department and learn about all. When we have at least basic knowledge of every department then we get help while we start any of the ventures.

Rich dad valued learning to lead men out from dangerous situations. “Leadership is what you need to learn next,” he said. “If you’re not a good leader, you’ll get shot in the back, just like they do in business.”

If we are working somewhere then also, we need to focus on learning. Learning only help us to grow well. We try to implement what we have learned and if we got failed before the age of 30s then we have a chance to recover. Fear of failure and rejection stop us from acquiring learning and implementing it. It stops us from thinking about how and from where we get new learning. This mindset turns out to be unsuccessful. Our learning will prove more important in the long run to become richer. If we stop learning then we stop ourselves from growing. Learning can lift us in terms of the wise decision, wise person, better growth potential and become richer.

We need to learn the selling and marketing aspects of the business. If we can sell what we are good then we can earn a good amount of money.

For receiving more money, we need to give money also. It is a law of money, the more we give to the needy, the more we receive. It is also detachment from our wealth. The more we get detached, the more we receive back.

Disclosure – Companies mentioned in the article are just for an example & educational purpose. It is not a buy/sell/ hold recommendation. 

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