Often in the real world, it’s not the smart who get ahead, but the bold.

Our financial geniuses require both financial knowledge as well as courage to build wealth. If our fear is so strong then our geniuses also do not work. So that we have to be bold, have to take a calculated risk. We need to convert our fear into power. When our mind is emotionally unstable then we cannot make a wise decision and also, we invite situations which are harmful to us only.

Many of us waiting for the opportunity but we should create an opportunity to get out of the rat race. This thing requires financial intelligence.

We have to understand that money is not real, the important is our mind. If we train it well, then we can defiantly create an enormous fortune.

We can use many available opportunities or can create an opportunity for inventing money. Many of the people save money and invest in the assets from where they get safer interest. But this interest is being taxed. This is a safer option but not a smart option. We have to be financially intelligent to think and make all such wise decisions.

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The problem with “secure” investments is that they are often sanitized, that is, made so safe that the gains are less.

Great opportunities are not seen with our eyes. They are seen with our mind.

Winners do not have a fear of losing in the mind. But losers always have it. This fear stops losers for achieving success.

If we want to become a more professional investor then we need to acquire skills such as –

  • Find an opportunity which everyone else missed – we have to focus on the opportunities which all others have missed and work on it.
  • Raise money – we need to identify alternatives for raising money except for bank.
  • Organize smart people – we need to hire people smarter than us to get advice.

What we know is our greatest wealth and what we do not know is our greatest risk. We need to manage risk, need to learn rather avoid it. More we train our brain; more we acquire knowledge the more we can become opportunistic to acquire more wealth.

Disclosure – Companies mentioned in the article are just for an example & educational purpose. It is not a buy/sell/ hold recommendation. 

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