Mr.Devang Shah (Pro Trader cum Investor)

Hye this is devang shah more of a trader and little bit of investor. I m seeing the progress of my little brother jimit from starting to his carrier till now. I m seeing his progress from nursery level to mature ph.d level.
My personal opinion about his research style is too good. As a trader when I told him about any scripts he calmly denied that pls don’t do investment in it, like at top lupin, glenmark, sun pharma when any tom dick and harry told about rosy story he sees some hindsight and say stay away or book out from that level above all shares crashes atleast 50%. so I give a salute to his judgment.
About his post, he concludes complex financial matter in very story type telling so any lehmen can correlate with it. The content of his blog is too much poweful.

Last not least about manpasand bevetages when india’s top brokerage house come with buy report he openly tell me its a scam and rest you all know is history dear readers.

I wish all the best for all his future endeavors.

Devang shah

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