Step 6:  Make  Disappointment Your Strength

When we face disappointment, then our emotional disappointment pushes us to blame others. We should try to learn from our failures rather than blame others. We should be preparing for meeting a disappointment.

If we are trying something new then it has higher possibilities to face disappointment. We have to be emotionally strong to accept the disappointment.

We should have a mentor to whom we can discuss every aspect. Now, we can understand that if we do not have a mentor then on whom we can rely during a disappointing time. And who will pull us from such time?

We should not be hard with ourselves. If we are hard with ourselves then we stop ourselves from taking the risk, doing something new, accepting new ideas. Because if we face failure, we give punishment to ourselves which can be harmful to us. The difference lies in how we process that disappointment. Our size of success matters with the strength of our desire, the size of our dream, and how we handle our disappointment.

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