06 – Current temptation, future frustration

The sixth part of the Series “Current temptation, future frustration“. This series is based on the companies which are currently darling of the market and many trying to catch such opportunities but it has a probability to become a reason for future frustration. It can wipe out the majority of gains in wealth. I am trying to put some of the number-crunching facts by which we can identify ongoing issues in the companies and can save our wealth.

I am starting this article with one of the company which is engaged in power generation has a 52 weeks low price of Rs.5.49 and LTP is Rs.45.25. This company has rewarded ~8.24x of return in a year.

Let’s start looking at the numbers.

We can see that the company does have ~Rs.36 lakh of revenue and generating losses due to higher expenses. It can be possible if the business is at a nascent stage. But major expense is depreciation so have to check why huge depreciation charge.

When we look at the balance sheet then it seems that the company has repaid the entire debt and not issue any share capital. But when looking at the loans and advances then it has higher loans and advances & other assets.

The company has Rs.30 cr of loans and advances in FY20 which keeps raising y-o-y. There is no detailed description available for loans.

When we compare payable and receivable with the revenue then both are much higher than revenue. This means the company has to higher pending payment to pay and receive.

In the above image, we can see that the company has bad debts of Rs.5.76 cr in FY16 which was 35% of total debtors. And the company does not have any revenue in that year.

The company has Rs.35 cr of other payables which has advanced for sale of assets. This indicates that the company has made a commitment to sell assets to other parties and taken advances from that party, but still, the company has not sold out that assets. This item helps the company to improve CFO but actually, this is a clear artificial boosting of CFO.

Disclosure – Companies mentioned in the article are just for an example & educational purpose. It is not a buy/sell/ hold recommendation.

This series contains learning from books –

Financial Shenanigans

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The Financial Numbers Game

Creative Cash Flow Reporting

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