We have seen in the previous chapter that many of us working for the others and lastly that would keep us into the financial struggle. We consider many things as an asset such as a car, wristwatch, expensive products, smartphone etc. But does it have the same value when we going for sold?

Though we are doing a job we need to build an asset which has a real value. This act only can help us to become rich.

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When we earn during our job, we need to focus on buying an asset rather than spending money on luxury items. Rich spend last on luxury items but poor spend it on first. These luxury items will create an impression of a rich person but actually, we stuck into the more debt trapped. We should focus on not to look rich, but to be rich. We need to understand the difference between looking rich and being rich. Looking rich is easy nowadays and anyone can look rich but being rich is difficult. We have to control our emotions, saved ourselves from social traps, not falling into the debt trap, etc. We need to make an arrangement that our assets earn for us and we buy luxury from that income rather buy it on the credit. Credit help us to fulfil our temptation immediately but using that we cannot put our step forward to being rich.

Poor and middle-class people suggest that rich people should get punished through tax but actually, middle-class people get highly punished through taxes. They try to look rich and buy an asset which does not have real value so that they have to pay a tax when they acquire depreciating assets. And rich people buy appreciating assets which don’t have higher taxation compared to depreciating assets and also earn income from it.

Disclosure – Companies mentioned in the article are just for an example & educational purpose. It is not a buy/sell/ hold recommendation. 

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