Many a time, people see the face of lord or shape of the lord, shape of a heart and so on in clouds. We hear many strange voices sometimes and feel that it wants to talk to us. The human brain seeks patterns and rules. It takes one step further: if it finds no familiar patterns, it simply invents some.

In the above images, we can see different faces in clouds. But actually, there is not any real face, our imagination creates faces in it.

Investment – In the market, we are getting overloaded with lots of data and many of us try to make patterns among those data. They use such pattern for trading into stocks. But that not work forever because we have created patterns where it has no existence.

When it comes to pattern recognition, we are oversensitive. We need to regain our scepticism. If you think you have discovered a pattern, first consider it a pure chance. If it seems too good to be true, find data which is tested mathematically and statistically. Never believe in any pattern if it is not supported with enough data over a long time.

Many investors believe that the company which choose buyback as a capital allocation plan then consider that company as a good capital allocator. But do we check rather a buyback is done below its intrinsic value or above its intrinsic value? What is the intension of the company behind buyback? Does the company want to hide previously diluted equity capital through buyback? So, we need to be sceptical before considering something as it similar as we saw it.


This entire series will be review with various examples from books which are “Thinking, Fast and Slow” and “The Art of Thinking Clearly“.