When we are getting bombarded with a lot of many options, information and have to decide for those then our mind will get disturbed. This state of mind is known as decision fatigue.

Lots of work and efforts going to test our Willpower. When our willpower stops responding (battery discharge), either we make a faulty decision or we stay on support from luck.

Willpower is like a battery. After a while, it runs out and needs to be recharged. How do you do this? By taking a break, relaxing, and eating something sweet. Willpower plummets to zero if your blood sugar falls too low.

Investment – When we are making an investment decision, we also getting bombarded with lots of options, lots of information. Also, have to be answerable if managing other people’s money.

This will bring out a state of decision fatigue. So that we have to take a timely break, have to do a fun, long drive, drinking or eating sugar food (I am always opposed to taking processed sugar regularly, natural sugar can be helpful also.), etc. which can help us to bring back our focus to use willpower and we can make wise and effective decisions. If we do not recharge our willpower then we might be put our wealth at great risk.

Also, we can use a checklist that helps us to filter out unnecessary information, options, etc. to save our willpower to waste on unnecessary things and reduce needs to refill it very quickly.

This entire series will be reviewed with various examples from books which are Thinking, Fast and Slow and The Art of Thinking Clearly.