Becoming Who You Are

Money is like a drug. When we become addicted to work for money then it will be very difficult to change that habit (rather than an addiction). We get happy when we have money and upset when do not have it. And it is a reason why we cannot shift to the B and I quadrant easily.

An “E” works for the system.

An “S” is a system.

A “B” creates, owns, and controls the system.

An “I” invest money into the system.

Money addiction creates a fear within us. whereas our passion helps us to build a business, not our fear.

Many times, during a recession, hits the economy, few of the companies decide to cut employees’ strength and due to this decision, lower-level employees have to face major prices. So, seeking security becomes riskier. While this kind of fear does not chase B and I quadrant people. They work on improving the system, enhancing the system, and improving their financial knowledge.

Many of us trained with fears since our childhood which has created difficulties with change quadrant. When we want to achieve a bigger success then we need to have a faster processing time with higher accuracy. We can go how much fast, we want. But need to remember one thing is never taking a shortcut. Shortcuts will not lead us towards results but it will trap us in midways. Financial intelligence, not an emotional decision, and focus on numbers always help to achieve our financial goals.

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