The third part of Series “Current temptation, future frustration”. This series is based on the companies which are currently darling of the market and many trying to catch such opportunities but it has a probability to become a reason for future frustration. It can wipe out the majority of gains in wealth. I am trying to put some of the number-crunching facts by which we can identify ongoing issues in the companies and can save our wealth.

I am starting this series with one of the company which is engaged in manufactures industrial speciality oil, ink oil, residue oil, Jal pentane mixture and lubricants, has a 52 weeks low price of Rs.48 and LTP is Rs.139. This company has rewarded ~2.90x of return in a year.

Let’s start looking at the numbers.

We can see that the company generating profits. But the company do not have major other expense means the company do not have major fixed assets or borrowings.

When we look at the balance sheet then it seems that the company does not have any issue except debt. But when we look at the receivables then we come to know that the company has 68% of receivable of total sales in FY20 but do not have major inventories. Is this a manufacturing company or an IT company? So that though the company make profits but cannot able to convert it into cash flow.

But there are more cockroaches available.

Journal entry of Deferred expenditures

Deferred expenses Dr

            To Cash  

So that here expenses directly get settled into the balance sheet and do not comes to an income statement. If this charges debited to income statement then the company is into the losses, not in profits.

Journal entry of Deferred Income

Cash Dr

            To Deferred Income

When have to give effect to income statement then

Deferred Income Dr

                To Revenue

Again, a direct balance sheet effect rather passes through the income statement. This income can be used for future drought period.

The company has contingent liabilities ~23% of revenue and ~11.71x of net profit.

This entire series is based on past available data and ignored the future development in companies and the stock market always looks at the future.

Disclosure – Companies mentioned in the article are just for an example & educational purpose. It is not a buy/sell/ hold recommendation.

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