The rich don’t work for money – 01 – Rich Dad Poor Dad

We need to get aware of finance and without awareness of finance, we cannot develop our investment career. We never get financial education from school, colleges, or from family and that has created many mental blocks among us. If we want to complete our financial journey successfully then we must have to learn about finance.

I am going to start with the series on “Rich Dad Poor Dad” for learning about finance and get succeed in our personal finance. This success will lead us towards success in the investment journey.

Rich becomes richer and the poor become poorer is due to the concepts for money taught by our family, community, educational systems. We do not learn about the financial programming and mindset from the school so that high graded students also remain poorer with financial skills.

When we do a physical exercise to enhance our health and similarly, we need to perform a mental exercise to enhance our wealth. Both things are essential to us.

RDPD01 01

How we think, what is our mindset that is going to makes a huge difference to our life.

Education is important but not for getting good grades to get a good job but for making it possible that money works for us. Financial education is more important rather than money. The money will come and goes but education remains forever with us.

We need to work for what we want to achieve. We never have to give up to make money. We do not understand the difference between being rich or looking rich. We believe that those who have a nice house, a nice car, expensive smartphones, expensive gadgets, branded clothes, etc. Those are actually rich. But is it?

What happens when a car, house, gadgets all are from the company where a person works and has to leave when no longer continues to be work there. Do we still consider them a rich person?

Opportunities will come and go but we should pursue a skill to make a decision. Many times, we have to leave leisure activities to work hard on making money.

As I have mentioned every time that we can learn many things from our surroundings. We can learn from life, from our mistakes, from nature and the mistakes of others, etc. For learning, it is never essential to have a classroom lecture.

Many of us have an option to give up or learn something from life. If we give up then we keep blaming others for our situation in life. And if we choose to learn then we keep learning from life and move on. If we blame others for the problems then we work on changing them and does not aware that we are a problem, we need to change ourselves. It is easy to change ourselves rather than change others.

When we decide to give up then we play life safely, saving money for some unforeseen events, and died a boring life. We want to win but fear of losing is quite strong on us that keeps us pushing to play safe.

If we found that our job, lower pay is the problem then either we choose to fight or choose to quit it. But this does not solve our actual problems. We cannot able to learn something. We quit from one place to another and then to another for just getting a small paycheck. Get frustrated at one place and then at another place for some small incremental paycheck. For our lower pay, we are responsible. Our fear of losing is responsible. So, we have a question that what will solve our problem? The answer is experience and learning on finances.

Rich dad explained this point of view over and over, which I call lesson number one:  The poor and the middle-class work for money. The rich have money work for them.

Always money cannot solve the problem. Many of the people engaged in more debt as they get more money. This does not solve the problem but enhances it to a more critical level. To solve a problem, we require to have a financial education rather than have more money.

We have always something in our life that cannot be bought and there is something which can be bought. Now, it depends on which one is stronger.

Most of us have our price which is paid to us by the job in the form of a paycheck. This price is mainly due to the fear of remain without money and greed for buying many things from that money. The pattern of get up, go to work, pay bills; get up, go to work, pay bills. This is called a rat race by the author. We are lying feeling to ourselves about the running into the rat race. Our fear led us to keep on working, paying bills, and working again. Our fear and worrying keep on raising with time and more money also do not reduce our fear. We become more fearful while we have more money rather when we were poor. With an increased level of money, our Fear of losing it keeps on rising.

We have an endless desire which also pushes us to work for the money. Our desire to buy a car, big house, latest gadgets, etc. Money can give us the joy of purchasing these items but that joy lives for a short period. Then again, another desire arises and we have to work for it, it also lives for short term and then again, another desire.

We should focus on our emotions, accept the truth, and use emotion to work towards our favor rather than work against us.

Disclosure – Companies mentioned in the article are just for an example & educational purpose. It is not a buy/sell/ hold recommendation. 

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Some category of people does not accept that cycle is unpredictable and largely unknowable, and those people put efforts for predicting the future. Few people ignore the cycle and adopt the buy & hold approach. They do not get aggressive or defensive with their investments in the cycle. Many people have wrongly understood the statement of Mr. Warren Buffett – “Our favorite holding period is forever.”

And the last category which is an appropriate approach for the investment. Such category of people accepts that cycle will occur. Everything moves in a cycle. Fundamental, psychology, prices, etc all moves in a cycle. We cannot able to know when existing trend will go, get the stop and start getting reversed. But we need to be confident enough that trend will stop sooner or later. No trend continuously keeps on going forever.

So that we should try to know where we are standing in the cycle rather than to predict timing and extension of the cycle.

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By knowing where we are standing at the cycle, we cannot able to know what will be going to happen in the coming future. But we can prepare ourselves with a probability of occurrence of events.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. – Jimmy Dean

Knowing present environment is not much hard compared to knowing future. We can come to know the present environment by observing the behaviour of participants around us, by observing our surrounding environment.

We have to focus on everyday events prevailing to the market. Such events provide us a rough idea of our position at the cycle.



When everyone is aggressive in buying a particular asset then we must have to take care and be aware of the upcoming risk. We should be aggressive in buying a particular asset while everyone is in panic and selling particular assets.

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful” ― Warren Buffett

We have to look around and think it by ourselves regarding present situations and make a decision that where we are standing in the cycle. What is market participants doing? What media is talking? Such questions need to be answered by looking at situations around us.

SENSEX 2024-2030

Liquidity 2017

03 WWS

When too much money getting deployed into few assets then huge liquidity drives prices of an asset, such price momentum is not due to its actual fundamental. And also at the higher valuation people are ready to buy an asset aggressively. People are ready to buy Rs.100 worth of asset at Rs.200-300-400…. With the bright future expectations.

We cannot predict when huge liquidity gets dry but as a contrarian investor, we can prepare ourselves for upcoming risk.

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05 WWS

We need to check which side majority of our answers falls and as per it, we can make an estimation of the present situation. And can able to prepare ourselves for the situations. When a majority of our answers falls at the happy situation then we have to be cautious towards the present scenario and vice-versa.

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